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JW 27 - Jokermobile

The Jokermobile

The Jokermobile was the Joker's personal automobile.


It was a customized automobile which was ordered for Cameron Kaiser's newest casino Joker's Wild in order to be the prize for the bettor who could earn enough money to buy it, being put on display at a small altar inside the casino.

When the Joker stole some money from the casino, he decided to use the Jokermobile to escape from Batman. Said and done, the Joker used his joy buzzer to make the car work without a key and began to destroy many casino machines. Balancing himself with a tube, Batman managed to get into the vehicle, but the Joker braked and accelerated in order to knock Batman and leave the casino through a rear window. Seeing that they were at the port of Gotham City and that they were going towards an end stop signaling, the Joker activated the ejector seat of the Jokermobile and flew out towards the tail of the mechanical siren of the Neptune Casino. Fortunately, Batman jumped into the sea and saved himself from the subsequent explosion.