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Jonah Hex was an outlaw, and later a bounty hunter in the late 1800s. He was easily identified by the right side of his face being grotesquely scarred, which hides his honorable nature.


Before Hex's capture of Arkady Duvall, he killed many outlaws. In 1883, Hex tracked down Ra's al Ghul's son Arcady Duvall to Devil's Hole.

Hex pursued Duvall to Ra's al Ghul's airship "The Phoenix", where they faced off. Hex took on the saber-wielding Duvall with only a bowie knife. Midway though the furious duel, Hex caused the ship to lose altitude and it caught fire. Ra's escaped the ship in a personal glider, leaving Duvall behind.

Showdown 02 - Jonah Hex captures Duvall

Jonah captures Arkady.

The ship crashed, throwing both Hex and Duvall free. Amidst the debris, Duvall begged for his life, but Hex told him he had no interest in killing him if only because it is more convenient to deliver him alive to the law. When Duvall figured Hex was a bounty hunter, he bargained for his freedom by saying the territorial governor can not put any price on his head that he could double. Jonah Hex refused the bribe by saying there is something he values more than reward money; justice, and it was now time for Arkady to stand trial for his outstanding warrants. He spared Arkady but only because it would too much trouble to haul a corpse twelve states away. Defeated, Arkady accompanies Hex on the trek to civilization. After he finds his hat that he lost earlier, Hex remarked ruefully, "I'm gettin' too old for this."

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