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Judgment Day
Episode 22
Judgement Day
Air date October 31, 1998
Directed by Curt Geda
Written by Rich Fogel
Alan Burnett
Music by Michael McCuistion
Airdate Sequence
Beware the Creeper
Production Sequence
Beware the Creeper
"So let me understand this... in reaction to Two-Face, Harvey Dent created a third personality, one that would fight crime. A personality so separate, he even tried to kill himself without knowing it."
- Alfred Pennyworth

Judgement Day is the last produced episode of The New Batman Adventures. It features Two-Face as the main antagonist with a new personality known as "The Judge".

"Judgement Day" is the 22nd episode aired and 24th produced episode of "TNBA".


An illegal transaction takes place at the Penguin's hideout. The Penguin buys stolen items from Killer Croc and Two-Face, but after the two criminals have left the hideout, Penguin is attacked by a strange faceless man dressed as a judge. The Judge is relentless and attacks Penguin, leaving him seriously injured. The news reports the attack on The Penguin, alerting the people of Gotham to a new vigilante in town.

DJ 04 - Judge

Enter the Judge

Later, Killer Croc attacks and hijacks an armored car, but as he drives off with the stolen money, he is attacked by The Judge. Croc is forced to get out of the vehicle in the middle of a bridge and battles the judge with the latter beating him in the head with a large gavel and accusing him of murder, mayhem and manslaughter and also forcing Croc to climb to the highest place of the bridge, only to be attacked and pushed by The Judge. Croc falls to the streets, but he is saved by Batman, who arrives just in time.

The citizens of Gotham are concerned about The Judge, but councilman Corcoran assures the people that The Judge only attacks criminals. In reality, Corcoran has been working with The Judge, providing evidence against the criminals and the next criminal on the list is Two-Face. Corcoran delivers an ominous warning for Two-Face, and Batman goes to the criminal's hideout to save him from The Judge. Unfortunately, The Judge has come up with a perfect trap to eliminate Two-Face and Batman gets trapped as well. Using an explosive Batarang, Batman opens an exit in Two-Face's lair, allowing the criminal to escape while he recovers from the explosion.

The Judge is frustrated by his failure, but his complaints are not well received by Corcoran. The councilman is soon visited by Batman, who interrogates him about his connection to The Judge.

DJ 15 - Judge

Contact The Judge...

Corcoran reveals he is endorsing The Judge as an "enforcer of law" given that the next elections are coming closer. Once Batman has left his office, Corcoran goes to the parking lot towards his car, but he is attacked by Two-Face and taken to the courthouse, where he is interrogated about The Judge's location. Corcoran doesn't have that information and explains that The Judge contacts him. Two-Face decides to flip his coin and as the scarred side comes up, he commands his henchmen to dispose of Corcoran. The councilman tries to save himself by offering Two-Face money he has stolen from the city by corrupt means, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Batman investigates the oversized gavel used as a weapon by The Judge, which he took from the evidence room at the GCPD. After a close examination, Batman learns that the gavel is actually the trophy called the Marshall Award, given to judges or attorneys for distinguished service and among the list of winners, there's a very familiar name.

Two-Face's henchmen take Corcoran to a separate room, where they intend to kill him, but they are suddenly attacked by The Judge. Once the thugs are taken out of action, The Judge turns his attention to Corcoran, after learning about his corrupt deals. The Judge gets ready to attack Corcoran, but Batman shows up in time to save him. A confrontation between Batman and The Judge begins, but Batman soon defeats the criminal, who is knocked unconscious. Batman removes The Judge's mask and reveals him as Two-Face, much to Corcoran's surprise.

DJ 09 - Deranged


At that moment, journalists and photographers arrive to the place and learn the truth about the vigilante that Corcoran was sponsoring.

In the aftermath, Corcoran loses his position as councilman and Harvey Dent is taken back to Arkham, to heal his fragmented psyche. The man created a third personality, separate from Two-Face in order to fight for justice, but things have gone too far and now he sits in his cell in Arkham, all alone and pleading guilty to a nonexistent judge.


Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Batman/Bruce Wayne
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Alfred Pennyworth
Richard Moll Two-Face
Malachi Throne The Judge
Paul Williams The Penguin
Brooks Gardner Killer Croc
John Glover The Riddler
Jodi Baskerville Anchorwoman
Steven Weber J. Carroll Corcoran
Peter Jason Manny
Loren Lester Mo

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The term "Judgement Day" is traditionally associated with the end of something, which fits perfectly the fact that this is the last episode of the series.
  • The moment when Killer Croc hijacks the armored truck was used as cut scene a in the video game Batman: Gotham City Racer.
  • The episode has been released as part of the following Home video sets: