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Killer Croc is a former pro wrestler who turned to crime. He is an enemy of Batman in The New Batman Adventures.


In a televised court case, Killer Croc was declared sane by a Judge, and escaped his straitjacket at the end of the competency hearing. He violently escaped the courthouse, only to be taken down by Batman. Baby-Doll, who had witnessed this scene, sympathized with Croc, and helped break him out of a prison truck heading to the state prison.

Together, Baby-Doll and Croc set up a home in the sewers and went on a crime spree, becoming known as "Gotham's Bonnie and Clyde". They robbed water locales, such as Jewelry Mart, and their popularity spread all the way to Metropolis, where Superman allegedly claimed to be "too busy" to stop them. Croc relished in the fact that all of Gotham was panic-stricken and began secretly spending time with women at the local 'bait' shops.

Baby-Doll and Croc next attempted to rob a riverboat casino, where they were stopped by Batman and Batgirl. They escaped with a fraction of the loot, and Croc angrily left their lair for the night. Unknowingly followed by Baby-Doll, Croc made known his plan to leave her and city behind after a few more robberies. The next day, Baby-Doll "apologized" to "Crocky" and claimed to have a new plan, the so-called "big one". They broke into the Gotham Power plant on Mid River Island, and Croc thought the plan was to hold the city ransom. He tried to stop Baby-Doll when he learned that she planned to destroy them and the city. Croc is drawn into a fight with Batman after attempting to warn him of Baby's crime. He attempted to kill Baby-Doll and Batman, and was severely burned with pressurized hot water when he dislodged a pipe in an attempt to make an improvised weapon.

As a lone criminal, Croc used the Penguin's services to sell stolen merchandise. He was dismayed but reluctantly agreed when the Penguin offered $50,000 for a supposedly $500,000 diamond. He relished in the thought that the Penguin was assaulted afterward by the mysterious "Judge". However, he himself was later assaulted by the Judge, who accused him of "murder, mayhem, manslaughter". Croc was pushed off a bridge, only to be saved by Batman.



  • Killer Croc was redesigned as part of the revamp. His new appearance was much more reptilian, as he now had green skin, yellow eyes and four-fingered hands, with Croc's personality played straighter than in previous appearances.