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Kimberly Ventrix was Lloyd Ventrix's beloved daughter, and all he lived for.


Kimmy's father was a violent criminal who had spent time in prison. Because of this and her husband's violent temper, Kimmy's mother filed for divorce and got a restraining order against him. After her parents' divorce, Kimmy made friends with the invisible "Mojo". The kind natured sprite brought her gifts, including a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. Kimmy then tells Mojo about her mother's plan of moving out of Gotham City, upsetting him. He soon returns to Kimmy with the pearl necklace she had long wanted and offered to take her to a "special" place. However, when Mojo takes her to an abandoned drive-in theater with a waiting car, Kimmy got second thoughts. And her fears proved right when Mojo revealed himself to be her convict father, Lloyd. A now frightened Kimmy pulls away from her father because of all the bad things her mother had told her about him. After her father tried to drag her into the car against her will, Kimmy made a run for it when he was distracted by Batman's arrival. She ran all the way home where she was reunited with her mother. After Lloyd was arrested, Helen and Kimmy moved out of Gotham after telling Batman that even if her father gets out, he won't be able to find them.


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