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"You're kinda cute too, lady."
―Koonak to Barbara Gordon[src]

Koonak was an Inuit boy taken in by Mr. Freeze.


After his parents' death, Koonak met Mr. Freeze. He took care of the young boy when he was hiding out in the Arctic. Koonak was very pleased with the help and was convinced Freeze could get his wife back. Part of that operation involved Barbara Gordon; after she was kidnapped, Koonak took care of her. Freeze promised him she wouldn't be hurt. However, upon seeing that Freeze and Belson were going to kill Barbara during the operation, he defied Freeze and stalled him long enough for Barbara to escape.

After Batman and Robin came to the drilling platform and a fire broke out, Koonak fled into a corner of the operation chamber. Upon Freeze's request, Barbara came back to save him, while Batman went for Nora. Following the escape, Koonak watched with regret as the platform finally exploded with his surrogate father still there, unaware that Freeze survived. His fate after this is unknown.


Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero


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