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CWtJ 67 - Laffco Toy Company

The Laffco Toy Factory was a toy factory located in Gotham City.


The Laffco factory became well known for making the Betty Blooper dolls. However, the company went out of business and fourteen years later, Joker used the factory's abandoned building as a hideout and started broadcasting a Christmas special that was shown on every channel on television. Batman and Robin discovered that Joker was using the abandoned factory and went to the place and found that Joker had modified some of the toys to be weapons against them. Batman and Robin fought giant size mechanical toy soldiers and little remote control toy planes. Batman used one of the giant teddy bears stored in the building to incapacitate Joker's henchmen. In the end, Joker tried to use a vat of hot molten plastic to kill his hostages, but they were saved by Batman and Joker himself almost fell in the vat, accidentaly. He was saved by Batman before being sent back to Arkham.