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Lisa Clark is the daughter of Ethan Clark.


Lisa disliked her father's trust in Nostromos. Though she dismissed his true predictions as coincidence to her father, to Bruce she confided that she thought it was too much of a coincidence—there might have been malice involved. Lisa had hoped to find an ally in Bruce, but after an "accident" befell Bruce, true to Nostromos' predictions, she thought she lost him too. She set up her own plans to bring the charlatan down: on the night of Bruce's formal initiation, she snuck into the building. She found out she had been right when she eavesdropped on Nostromos' assistant Lucas. Lucas got on to her and captured her.

She was tied to one of the planets of the orrery. Batman got her out just before the rings of Saturn cut up Mars. After Nostromos was arrested, she was relieved her father, and Bruce, got back to their senses again.

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