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Due to his stealth trainings, Batman was excelled in covertly leaving an area without detection, often to the point where people realised they were talking alone before realising Batman had left. Batman is shown doing this nineteen times during Batman: The Animated Series. This is a list of the times of such occasions.


1. In Joker's Favor when he was encouraging Commissioner Gordon to attend to his own testimonial banquet. Gordon then states "I hate it when he does that".

2. In Nothing to Fear Batman disappears after Harvey Bullock accuses him of the arson at a bank. He then throws his hat to the ground in frustration.

3. In Eternal Youth while Commissioner Gordon was informing Batman that he didn't find any clues in Mrs. Thomas' penthouse.

4,5. In Vendetta while Commissioner Gordon garuntees Harvey Bullock's innocence to Batman. He subsequently pulls off the trick again upon remanding Killer Croc intto Bullock's custody.

6. In The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy when Batman was standing on Commissioner Gordon's office window ledge hearing of information regarding The Interrogator.

7. In Off Balance upon informing Commissioner Gordon there may be a plot to steal Wayne Enterprises new sonic drill. Gordon then remarks: "One of these days, I'm gonna nail his feet to the ground."

8. In Zatanna after Zatanna handcuffs Batman's hand to the wall, then turns her back. She remarked "Now you see him, now you don't".

9. In See No Evil just after asking Helen Ventrix when the last time she saw her daughter was. She said "...Batman?" upon realising he had vanished

10. In Read My Lips while leaving Commissioner Gordon to investigate a clue on a new gang in Gotham City.

11. In Riddler's Reform after Commissioner Gordon takes The Riddler into custody and not revealing to The Riddler how he survived his death trap.

12. In Baby-Doll after his visit to Summer Gleeson for possible clues about Baby-Doll.

13. In Lock-Up after he told Commissioner Gordon to put more security around Mayor Hamilton Hill.

14-17. In A Bullet For Bullock when Harvey Bullock gave him a floppy disk. Bullock then retorts: "How the Commish puts up with this, I'll never know." Batman does it again after saving Bullock on a rooftop and yet again to Bullock later in his loft. Once more he does it when Bullock was handcuffing Vincent Starkey.

18. In The Lion and the Unicorn after finding out Alfred's exact locatiion from the British Secret Service Council.

Feature Film[]

19. In Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero After he and Robin visit Dean Arbagast to track down Gregory Belson.