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The following is a list that catalogs all the riddles posed by Edward Nygma (a.k.a. The Riddler).

If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?[]

  • Q:Why do million dollar deals breakdown in the wasteland?
  • A:A calling card for Daniel Mockridge that he should meet The Riddler in his club called "The Wasteland"

  • Q:What is the shortest distance between a point in Nomme, Alaska and a point in Miami Florida?
  • A:A curved line on a globe

  • Q:Do you know what happens to gate crashers?
  • A:They have to match wits with The Riddler

  • Q:When is a Minotaur's owner as high as an elephant's eye?
  • A:Corn (maize)

  • Q:Which way to the eating place? (translated from Arabic)
  • A:Right

  • Q:I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I?
  • A:The human brain

What is Reality?[]

  • Q:Where does a 500 pound gorilla sleep?
  • A:Anywhere it wants

  • Q:What's worse than a millipede with flat feet?
  • A:A giraffe with a sore throat

  • Q:How do you fit 5 elephants into a compact car?
  • A:Two in the front seat, two in the back seat, and one in the trunk. 

  • Q:What do the above three riddles refer to?
  • A:The numbers in the questions (500, 1000, 5), translated to Roman numerals (D,M,V) refer to Nygma's attempt to destroy his personal data at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Q:If the planet were equitable, I'd still have my old job.
  • A:If the World's Fair, I'd still have my Ex-Position. 

Riddler's Reform[]

  • Q:Those were things of the past Batman. Ancient history thats gone now. I'm a new man, but you probably won't figure that out till it's too late.
  • A:A clue he planned to rob R. Newman Imports of antiques

  • Q:Riddle no. 31753701
  • A:A clue he intended to rob the First National Bank whose address is "10 Leslie" (31753701 upside down and reversed)

  • Q:Go back to where it started with toys
  • A:Directions to a death trap planned for Batman at the toy fair held at the Gotham Convention Center