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"See you around, Batman. Too bad you can't say the same."
―Lloyd Ventrix[src]

Lloyd Ventrix, also known as Mojo, was an ex-con who acquired a suit that allowed him to turn invisible.


Lloyd Ventrix was a robber who was arrested, and his ex-wife Helen had a restraining order issued. He wasn't allowed within one-hundred feet of either her or his beloved daughter Kimberly. Lloyd, however, wasn't about to be stopped by the law. After being paroled and finding work with Sam Giddell as an errand boy, Ventrix stole samples of an experimental plastic. This plastic bent light instead of absorbing it when an electrical current was applied to it. As a result, it (and its contents) became invisible to the human eye; at the same time, the material became toxic to both the mind and body. Ventrix fashioned a full-body suit out of the material; using it, he acquired both the means to steal anything without detection and the ability to visit his daughter without being caught. Using the name "Mojo", Ventrix became Kimberly's "invisible friend."

While the suit prevented him from visible detection, he could still be heard and physically interacted with. Robbing a jewel exposition in Gotham City, he attracted the attention of Batman. The Dark Knight investigated, and discovered the link between the material, Giddell, and the Ventrixes.

Meanwhile, Ventrix kidnapped his daughter after learning Helen had planned to move from Gotham. Taking her to an abandoned drive-in theater, Ventrix had planned to escape the city with his daughter. However, Kimberly became hesitant, and attempted to flee when Ventrix revealed his identity to her. Batman arrived, and a skirmish ensued in which Kimberly escaped back to her mother. Ventrix attempted to flee in his invisible car, but Batman held on and the chase eventually led them to a rooftop with a water tower. In a crazed fury, Ventrix began beating Batman severely and ignored his pleas to remove the suit before it poisoned him fatally, but Batman punctured a nearby water tower. Ventrix was revealed by the cascading liquid, Batman quickly apprehended Ventrix and he was sent back to prison to finish his sentence.

Following the return of Temple Fugate, his new modus operandi briefly led Batman to suspect Ventrix of Fugate's crimes.


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