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Scarecrow: Don't take me back there! Please! Look at me, Batman, I'm shaking with fear. Me!! The Scarecrow!! I wasn't even going back to crime this time! I just had to get away from - Him! (Wimpers)

Lyle Bolton: I'll take it from here, Batman. Lyle Bolton. Chief of security. Congratulations, Professor Crane. You're the first inmate to escape Arkham under my charge. You're also the last. I won't let you and Gotham City down again, Batman.

Robin: That Bolton's a 10 on the Creep-o-meter. But it seems like he's doing a good job keeping the inmates in check.

Batman: Maybe too good.

(The next day at Arkham)

Dr. Bartholomew:

James Gordon: Are you sure this hearing was

Bruce Wayne: Bolton was brought to Arkham under a Wayne foundation.

Lyle Bolton: If anyone objects to my methods...(calmly) please, tell me.

Dr. Bartholomew: Miss Quinn, do you have any complains against Mr. Bolton?

Harley Quinn: (Nervously) I got nothing to say.

Dr. Bartholomew: But surely you must have something


Dr. Bartholomew: It's allright. I promise you can speek freely here.

Ventriloquist: Mr. Bolton, he's a -

Scarface: - Hard worker! A real stand-up guy! No complains here, chief!

Dr. Bartholomew:

Scarecrow: No, Sir.


Scarecrow: It seems I was mistaken.


Ventriloquist: (Panicking) No! You can't!! You don't know what he's doing to us!


Harley: No, it's all true!



Scarface: He held me over a can filled with termites! You hear me?! TERMITEES!!!

Harley: He's an animal!

Ventriloquist: A monster!

Scarecrow: Keep him away!

Bolton: SHUT UP!! All of you!


Summer Gleason: Thanks for the




Summer: What the... Great!

Bruce: Summer?

Batman: Huh?

Lock-Up: The time has come to cleans Gotham of the real criminals. You upprehend them, Dark Knight, and Lock-Up will put them away! Together we can make this city safe again!

Batman: By kidnapping innocent victims? I don't think so.

Lock-Up: If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem.

Summer: Aahh!

Lock-Up: You disappoints me, Batman. I thought you wanted this median leech to get her comupance.

Harvey Bullock: Just what this town needs: Another psycho in a halloween costume.

(Later in the Batcave)

Batman: This is Lyle Bolton's handywork. No one configures a lock like him.

Robin: You mean this Lock-Up nut is the security-creep from Arkham?

Batman: Without a doubt.

Robin: Another fine villain made possible by a grant from the Wayne foundation. (Batman glares) Only kidding.

Batman: Bolton's last known address. See what you can find.