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Love that Baby

The main cast.

"I remember this show from when I was a kid. It still stinks."

Love That Baby was a popular television series that was the start of Mary Dahl's career.


The show centered on the mischievous Baby Doll, portrayed by child actress Mary Dahl, who stole the hearts of audiences everywhere. Dahl started out when she was ten, and due to her rare medical condition, she looked exactly the same as the show went on. Other cast members included Tod Baker as Baby's father, June Winthrop as Baby's mother, Tammy Vance as Baby's sister Suzy, and Brian Daly as Baby's brother Tibby, and a dog named Buster. The rest of the cast did not like Mary, who often threw tantrums on the set and thought herself better than the rest.

After a decade on the air, the show's ratings began to drop, and the studio added a new character, Cousin Spunky, in an effort to boost ratings during the final season. Spunky's presence on the show made Dahl feel threatened, and it all came to a head when Spunky upstaged her in her birthday episode. After the episode, Dahl walked off the show and tried to pursue a dramatic career. Without its star, the show was canceled.

After Dahl's brief stint on the stage flopped, she tried to restart the old sitcom, but no network wanted to pick it up. Another decade later, she abducted her co-stars and held them prisoner so she could live out her dream: living with her "family" forever. After abducting Spunky, Dahl recreated her birthday episode with an explosive twist -- using a stick of dynamite as a candle. After the Spunky whom she captured turned out to be Robin, Batman entered to take care of Dahl. The cast members were brought to safety by Robin and Dahl was apprehended by Batman.[1]


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