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Lucius Fox was a respected and talented businessman who oversaw and managed the day to day operations of Wayne Enterprises under Bruce Wayne.


Fox manages Wayne Enterprises, which allows Bruce Wayne the time to pursue his crime fighting adventures as Batman. Fox did, however, become indirectly involved in Batman's ordeals several times. On one such occasion, Matt Hagen impersonated Bruce in order to obtain certain paperwork that was incriminating rival businessman Roland Daggett and Fox was injured in the process. He identified Wayne as the assailant, unknowingly, though he was later cleared and Daggett was imprisoned.

Fox was also integral to Batman's and the police's investigation into H.A.R.D.A.C., built by Karl Rossum's company Cybertron. Count Vertigo also stole a prototype sonic drill from Lucius, that was built by Wayne Enterprises which Fox was supervising its unloading and transfer into Gotham City.