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Batman: The Animated Series Intro
Music by Danny Elfman
Main Intro Theme

The Main Intro for Batman: The Animated Series is the opening sequence of the show for the entire First Season. It lasts for over a minute and is one of the most recognizable elements of the series. This is also the main theme for the Tim Burton Batman movies, also composed by Elfman.

It was also reused as the intro for The New Batman Adventures.


Based on the 1991 Promo Test Reel, the main intro features a similar sequence, accompanied with a musical theme composed by Danny Elfman, based on the main theme of the Batman film from 1989.

A group of criminals steal from the Gotham Bank, causing a big explosion. The police starts looking for the thugs and elsewhere, far from there, the Batmobile starts its engines. The car drives towards the crime scene, where the criminals have taken to the roof of a tall building, hoping to escape. However, the two of them are stopped by the shadowy figure of Batman, who jumps in their path and stops their getaway. The criminals pull their guns, but they are disarmed by a well aimed Batarang. A fist fight then starts, in which Batman defeats the criminals thanks to his fighting and acrobatic skills. Moments later, a couple of police officers find the criminals tied up, much to their surprise. Unaware to them, Batman is overlooking everything from a tall rooftop, just as lightning strikes in the night sky of Gotham.


Batman The Animated Series - Intro


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