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Marva Cooper was Earl Cooper's daughter.


Marva and Earl shared a strong relationship. Earl allowed Marva to help him with maintenance on the Batmobile. Marva showed excellent technical skills on par with her father. Like her father, Marva showed a great sense of loyalty to Batman. When Penguin found their secret workshop, she was held hostage in order to force Earl to cooperate with his plan to turn the Batmobile into a booby trap. Marva showed no fear at the Penguin's threats and urged Earl not to do what the Penguin demanded. After the situation with the Penguin was resolved, Marva helped her father pack up their workshop and move to their new location wherein she continued to assist him.


  • In some of the end credits in The Mechanic, Marva's voice is credited to Lynne Moody instead of Candy Brown. It's still uncertain if Marva's voice might have been redubbed by Moody for a different release.

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