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Mary Grayson
Name: Mary Grayson
Affiliation: Haley's Circus
Spouse(s): John Grayson
Children: Dick Grayson
Portrayed by: Diane Pershing
Only Appearance: Robin's Reckoning Part I
Appears in: 1 episodes
Mary Grayson Gallery

Mary Grayson was the mother of Dick Grayson.


Together with her husband and son, Mary formed the Flying Graysons, an acrobatic team performing for Haley's Circus. They performed death-defying stunts without the aid of a net. In an attempt to convince Mr. Haley to pay "insurance", Tony Zucco sabotaged the trapeze. During the show, in front of the entire crowd and young Dick; John and Mary fell to their deaths when the line snapped.

Physical Appearance

Mary is a shapely circus woman with peach skin, blue eyes and blonde hair kept in a ponytail by a red scrunchie, while also having a red head gear with a purple feather on top, as well as red earrings. She was depicted wearing a red circus leotard with gold lined points heading up, a black & gold belt and red slip-on shoes. Before her final performance, she also was given a white cape.