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Maven was Selina Kyle's personal assistant and best friend. She knew about Selina's activities as Catwoman, but, out of loyalty, never said anything about it.

Physical Description[]

Maven is a slender young woman with brown hair worn in a ponytail, black eyes and red lips. She wears Panto framed glasses, a black suit jacket over a pink shirt and black tie, a red skirt, and black heeled shoes.


Maven is a sophisticated and loyal woman. She always assisted Selina with her activities as Catwoman and her everyday live when Selina is not in costume. She was shown to be near sighted as seen in The Cat and the Claw Part II when one of Red Claw's thugs grabbed her arm, she dropped her glasses on the floor. She was shown to be careless as seen in Cat Scratch Fever when she left a window opened at Selina's apartment during Selina's incarceration which led to Isis's escape and disappearance.

Although she is loyal to Selina, Maven never said anything to her about her activities.


CSF 28 - Selina and Maven

Best friends

How Selina and Maven met is unrevealed, but it's hinted that Maven worked with Selina for several years and that the two shared a strong bond. When Selina decided to don a costume and stalk the city as Catwoman, Maven assisted her. Specifically, she functioned much as Alfred Pennyworth did for Batman in helping Selina maintain her secret identity and managed the details of her everyday life. She believed Selina's actions to be for the best as they helped animals in need.

Unfortunately, her affiliation with Catwoman got Maven into trouble with Red Claw, who wanted to contain the security risk that Catwoman represented to her operations.[1] As such, a hired thug attacked her and if it weren't for the timely intervention of Batman, she would have been killed.

Maven continued to serve Catwoman even after she had been taken to jail for her crimes and stood by her during her time in prison and subsequent release and probation. Unfortunately, she had accidentally left a window open allowing Isis, Selina's favorite cat, to escape into the city where she was captured and infected with a virus that Roland Daggett planned to release into the city. After Daggett was foiled, Maven assured Selina that Isis would turn up, which she did. After these events, Maven never made any more appearances.



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