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Maximillian "Maxie" Zeus is the former C.E.O. of a shipping company, who became a supervillain after suffering a mental breakdown. He fashioned himself as the supreme God Zeus from Greek myhology. He carries a metal rod appropriately in the shape of a thunderbolt, which he uses to electrocute his victims.


Zeus suffered a serious financial crisis and started handling smuggled goods. Due to stress and in face of legal action, Maxie goes insane, develops a god complex, and starts to believe that he is the Greek god Zeus and his lawyer-girlfriend is the muse Clio. When Batman arrives at the top of his base of operations, the Olympus Building, Maxie believes he is Hades, as "no mortal can reach 'Mount Olympus" without his permission, and even calls the caped crusader his "brother". Batman quickly deduces that Zeus has lost his sanity.

Maxie steals a giant lightning gun which he uses on all the "pitiful mortals" who dare to oppose him, although on a couple of occasions he seems to revert to normal. When Clio tries to stop him, he has her gagged and bound to the barrel of the lightning gun by his henchmen, though she is saved by Batman before she can be killed. Maxie is eventually subdued by Batman with help from Clio.

While being paraded through the interior of Arkham Asylum, he looks at the prisoners watching him and believes that he sees a Greek deity in their place: Poison Ivy is the harvest goddess Demeter, Two-Face is the "double-faced" Janus (actually a Roman god), and The Joker is Hermes the trickster god. His last line is "Now at last, Mighty Zeus is home", indicating humorously that he is now where he belongs, in Arkham Asylum.