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May and June was the chosen stage name used by two sisters who were conjoined twins.


May and June performed in the circus for most of their lives, drawing much publicity that they were conjoined at the shoulder. They gave up the circus life and lived with on a quiet farm along with Richard, Goliath, and Billy.

One day, Killer Croc arrived by accident at their farm and they welcomed him as another tormented "freak". June was more assertive, calling Kroc "Fish Lips" after he called their circus a "Freak Show". May scolded June for her rudeness to the 'guest'.

They even stood up to Batman when he followed Croc, meaning to apprehend him. However, when Croc tried to kill Batman, May and June were opposed to the idea, just like all their friends and so Killer Croc revealed his true self. Croc knocked them out and locked them in a cage. However, Batman and the sideshow group managed to capture Croc.