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ML 15 - Mayfield


Mayfield's was a department store in Gotham City.


One day, Alfred was in Mayfield's looking at men's jackets when a strange man in an overcoat walked by and shoved him to the side. The man then walked up to the jewelry counter and grabbed a woman's watch but instead of stealing the watch, he keeps the watch box. When an employee questions him, he takes off his coat and puts on a mouse hat announcing himself as the Pack Rat. After stealing a purse and dumping the contents, security is called to stop him but the Pack Rat responds by shooting his gun.

The commotion prompts Alfred to use the public telephone to call Batman and Robin. However, the Pack Rat notices Alfred and then tells him, "never rat on a rat". The Pack Rat then fires at gun not at Alfred but at the telephone and grabs the receiver. With the store locked down and Pack Rat demanding their worthless items, the police arrive outside as do Batman & Robin. As the Dynamic Duo tie up Pack Rat, Robin laughs at his futile attempt to escape. After escaping and engaging with Batman, Pack Rat is punched into a golf club display and is then rendered unconscious when Batman makes him swing his golf club into a damaged intercom which electrocutes him. They pull off his disguise and discover the bandit is Harry Loomis. Batman notices a microchip on his neck and determines it to be a mind control device leading them to suspect the Mad Hatter is behind the recent bizarre crimes.