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Michael Vreeland
Michael Vreeland
Affiliation: Poison Ivy
Mother: Poison Ivy
Sibling(s): Susan Maguire (Sister)
Spouse(s): Veronica Vreeland] (Formerly)
Portrayed by: Tim Matheson
First appearance: Chemistry
Last appearance: Chemistry
Appears in: 1 Episode

Michael Vreeland was a plant creature by Poison Ivy who appeared once in The New Batman Adventures.


Prior to his first appearance and the episode, Michael was one of Poison Ivy's plant creatures, created specifically to make Veronica fall in love with him, which eventually lead to them getting married. During the reception Veronica revealed that Michael is a friend of Susan who Bruce Wayne met and fell for.

During the reception Bruce notice that Michael and Veronica didn't show up to the wedding, thinking they are too busy, until Veronica called Bruce for help as she told him on the phone that something wrong has happened to Michael, but before she could get a chance, Michael appeared and grabbed Veronica before she could say anything else. As he demanded Veronica to tell him what she said about him to Bruce, Veronica tried to say she didn't say anything but he didn't believe her. After being it in the face by a Lamp Michael chased Veronica into her walk-in safe, where she active the security system preventing him from entering. However to her shock, Michael walked through the laser system, revealing some green parts that also healed as he approach Veronica. Later Michael somehow caused the mansion to be on fire as he escape from being seen by Bruce, who arrived at the mansion and saved Veronica just in time.

Later as the Hospital Michael arrived, pretending to be at a business meeting and explain that nothing wrong about their marriage. Michael was also inform that Bruce hired security to protect Veronica while she's recovering. Later Michael drove to a nursey (unknown to Batgirl and Robin) followed him as he encountered Poison Ivy and informs her that something went wrong and revealed he tried to kill her, causing Ivy to slap him as she told him he had no right to do that as the plan was to wait until he and her are on the cruise. Michael then revealed that process of turning back into a plant is accelerating faster then Ivy planned, Michael then asked what about him as Ivy ripped his skin off revealing him to be a plant creature as he said that this would be is annulment and told him they need to head to the others to initiated the plan.

On the cruise Michael and Ivy arrived as Ivy explain that her plan involving her plant creatures and crating them into the perfect matches to their spouse so that when the rich people they married die as the cruise sinks they will inherit their fortunes, making them her. However upon seeing the rich people fight back, Michael tried to save some of his plant siblings, until he was douse with the chemical robin created by accident back at the nursey, making him the first plant creature to die.

Abilities & Equipment[]

Being a plant creature created by Poison Ivy, Michael can release a bit of pheromones that cause Veronica to fall in love with her. He also seems to have regeneration powers as he manage to go through the laser system that Veronica use to protect herself. Michael is also shown to have extended arms as he used it to reach to the cruise and stop a couple of guys from beating up one of his plant siblings.