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Mister Freeze was a criminal in The New Batman Adventures.


CC 16 - Freeze

Freeze's head on spider like robot legs

Nora Fries waited patiently for her husband to return to Gotham City but received no form of contact from him. Mr. Freeze was ashamed of his illness and could not bear to return to his beloved when he could not touch personally. Unbeknownst to anyone, the effects of the accident that had made him "immortal" caused his body to deteriorate. By the time he was able to kidnap doctors to halt the deterioration's progress, only his head remained intact. Freeze used robotic spider-like legs that were attached to his head's capsule to maneuver around and a larger robotic body when he needed to walk further. Resigned that he would never again be united with his beloved wife, a new layer of ice froze over his heart. Having lost that which was most precious to him, Freeze resolved to stamp out warmth wherever it glowed.

Freeze has a newer, more powerful robot body and a chillingly sardonic personality, having lost his obsession over his wife and instead concentrated on bringing misery to the people of Gotham and its protector Batman. With a group of "Ice Maidens" who were armed with ice guns that were based on his own design, Freeze launched a series of attacks on Gotham, sought out that which renowned individuals valued most, and destroyed the items.

CC 23 - CryoSuit

The end of Freeze?

Despite a few encounters with Batman, Freeze succeeded in ruining many dreams, brought terror to Gotham, attacked Wayne Manor and froze Alfred Pennyworth. That, however, was only a prelude to Freeze's ultimate blow against the Caped Crusader: using a "reverse fusion bomb", he hoped to leave all of Gotham frozen solid and thereby destroy Batman's hope. Fortunately for Gotham, Batman and Batgirl managed to catch up to Freeze, and Batman encountered him within his bomber plane. A battle ensued in the plane with Freeze greatly overpowering Batman. Freeze was about throw Batman out of the plane, but managed to latch Freeze onto his bomb via grapple gun. With the bomber plane flown over the ocean, Batman opened the plane's hatch dropped the bomb over the water with its maker attached to it. The blast created an enormous pillar of ice in the water, with Freeze's suit trapped within. However, his cryogenic suit was without his head, revealing that the icy villain had managed to escape.