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Flag of Nepal
General Information
Capital City Kathmandu
Population 26,494,504
Language/s Nepali
Currency Rupee
Continent Asia
Denonym Nepali
Time Zone (UTC +05:45)

Nepal is a mountainous, landlocked country located in South Asia.


Batman and Ra's al Ghul visit Nepal after finding a clue in a Malaysian temple that the kidnapped Dick Grayson and Talia al Ghul were located inside a cavern there. Batman reaches the cavern and frees Dick. It was here that Ra's revealed his plot to make Batman his successor and the secrets of the Lazarus Pit beneath them. After Batman refuses his offer to succeed him Ra's attempts to kill the pair. The Lazarus Pit is destroyed and both Batman and Robin escape. They then head for Kathmandu where they use the equipment at a local branch of Wayne Enterprises to locate Ra's' desert stronghold.[1]