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Night of the Ninja is an episode of the first season of Batman: The Animated Series. It is notable for being the first episode that shows some of Batman's past, while he was traveling around the world and training to become the Dark Knight.

"Night of the Ninja" was the 35th episode produced and the 28th episode aired.


As a young man, Bruce Wayne studied martial arts in Japan under master Yoru and he earned the enmity of his unscrupulous rival, Kyodai Ken. Years later, Kyodai has come to Gotham City to humiliate Bruce by stealing from Wayne Enterprises. Not realizing the connection with Batman, he winds up attacking Bruce in the company of reporter Summer Gleeson. A clever bit of maneuvering allows Bruce to keep his identity safe, but the ninja escapes to fight another day.


An unknown ninja has been attacking Wayne Enterprises' buildings and stealing all the money in the safe. Certain night, one of the security guards spots the ninja and tracks him to the rooftop of the building. The ninja disarms the guard using a shuriken and then he leaves the place with the money.

Dick and Bruce Spar

Bruce and Dick spar

The next day, Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson are training combat. (Green belt) Dick tries his best, but despite a well executed flying jump kick, which Bruce easily defeats with a hand thrust strike, that knocks Dick out of the air and onto the mat, in notable discomfort, and some good defensive moves and a good strategy by Dick, which still gets him thrown, (Black Belt) Bruce defeats him without trouble. Dick becomes frustrated with how easily he loses, and, as he gets into another fighting stance, somewhat condescendingly apologizes for not being perfect.

NN 11 - Bruce and Kyodai

Past Enemies

Bruce appears ready to offer some pointers and or encouragement to Dick, when their session is interrupted as Alfred tells Bruce about the latest attack on his enterprises. Dick states that it's the 6th in under 2 weeks, Bruce harshly corrects him, saying "Seventh" to which Dick responds by making a funny face behind his back. Bruce goes to the scene immediately and talks to Commissioner Gordon. When Bruce sees the shuriken at the crime scene, he remembers the time when he trained in Japan with a master named Yoru and another student called Kyodai Ken, who always defeated Bruce in combat. Bruce's attention is drawn back by Summer Gleeson, who starts asking questions at Bruce, who decides to leave the place.

Later in the Batcave, Bruce has changed into Batman and is ready to leave when Dick asks him to wait for him. Batman wouldn't listen and leaves without Dick, who is left concerned about Bruce and he plans to do something.

NN 33 - Defeat

Batman defeated

At the main Wayne Enterprises' building, the Ninja appears in the rooftop and sneaks his was to the emergency exit, but he is surprised by Batman, who walks out of the shadows. The two of them are ready to fight each other but the Ninja uses some purple gas to weaken Batman. When Batman is at the Ninja's feet, the ninja gets ready to cut Batman with his sword but Robin arrives in time to disarm the ninja and, realizing that he is now outnumbered, the ninja runs away. Robin tries to stop him with a Batarang, but all he manages to do is rip the back of the Ninja's suit. Batman gets a glimpse of a tattoo on the ninja's back and he remembers the tattoo as the same from Kyodai Ken. After this realization, Batman recovers and doesn't even thank Robin for the help.

On their way back to the Batcave, Batman tells Robin about his training in Japan and also tells him that the mysterious ninja is none other than Kyodai Ken, his past rival who always defeated him.

NN 50 - Bruce and Summer

Bruce and Summer

Later, Summer Gleeson decides to go to the "Wayne Charities reception" that night in order to get some answers from Bruce Wayne in regards to the recent attacks on his company. Meanwhile, at Wayne Manor, Dick asks Alfred about Bruce's training in Japan and Bruce appears suddenly, interrupting their conversation. Bruce tells them that he is going to the reception and that he would be back at midnight.

In the reception, Summer follows Bruce everywhere he goes, even to the armory room, where Bruce stopped to look at some samurai weapons. The items made Bruce remember the time when Kyodai Ken was banned from Yoru's dojo for trying to steal one of the master's weapons and Ken's sword vengeance against Bruce for ruining his plans. As Bruce is leaving the reception, Summer approaches him and asks him about his time in Japan. A valet drives Bruce's car to him and as he entered it, Summer gets inside as well. Within a few seconds, the valet takes off his hat and revealed himself as Kyodai and then he uses knockout gas to put Bruce and Summer in a deep sleep while he drives them to his hideout.

Robin becomes worried for Bruce as he didn't arrive at the time he said he would. Using the tracker in his Batcycle, Robin finds Bruce's whereabouts and goes to the place. Bruce and Summer have been tied up in a building and Kyiodai is waiting for them to wake and kill them. Robin arrives at the Wayne storage building, where Kyodai is, and steps inside, triggering an alarm by accident. Kyodai is distracted by the alarm and goes to see who is prowling the outside of the building. Robin climbs to the rooftop, where he is confronted by Kyodai. The two of them fight, but Kyodai drops the water storage on Robin and makes him fall from the building. Fortunately, Robin manages to hold on to a window and he gets into the building.

NN 71 - Rematch

Final Rematch

Meanwhile, Bruce manages to untie himself, and then he tries to free Summer, but Kyodai arrives and the two of them fight for the first time in several years. Bruce is unable to fight properly because of Summer's presence in the room and as a result, he receives a beating by Kyodai. Robin enters the room and after realizing the situation, he helps Batman by covering up Summer with a rolled up carpet. Once Summer isn't able to see, Bruce defeats Kyodai with ease. When Kyodai realizes he had lost, he grabs a mannequin, throws it to the window, and escapes with a great jump towards the river.

The next morning, Bruce and Dick are having an excellent breakfast prepared by Alfred and Bruce tells them that he told Summer that Batman had saved them both by beating Kyodai. He also explains that Kyodai's disappearance it nothing to worry since he has proved that he can beat him and if needed, he could do it again. Finally, Bruce thanks Dick for his help on the last fight, because without his assistance in blinding Summer, Bruce is not confident that he could've defeated Kyodai.


Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Batman
Bob Hastings Commissioner Gordon
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Alfred
Loren Lester Robin
Chao-Li Chi Yoru
Mari Devon Summer Gleeson
Robert Ito Kyodai Ken
Buster Jones Night Manager