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"I can only beg your forgiveness, and pray you hear me somehow, someplace... someplace where a warm hand waits for mine"
―Mr. Freeze[src]

Nora Fries is the beloved wife of scientist Victor Fries, whose fate would set events in motion for his transformation into the villain known as Mr. Freeze.


Nora was suffering from a rare terminal illness, so her husband Victor cryogenically froze her in stasis while he worked on a cure. The process was interrupted by Ferris Boyle which led to Victor's disfiguration, and him becoming Mr. Freeze. Freeze thought Nora to be dead and set out on a vendetta to avenge his wife, although he was stopped by Batman.

Nora turned out to be alive after all and was sheltered by Grant Walker. He broke Freeze out of Arkham Asylum and showed him his wife again. He made a deal with Freeze to help fund his search for a cure in return for giving Walker a stasis suit granting him immortality. Although Mister Freeze later turned against Walker and helped Batman defeat him, he chose to stay with Nora as Walker's base of operations was destroyed. Freeze and Nora survived the incident inside an iceberg created by Freeze and together, they remained trapped for some time.

SZ 138 - Batman saves Nora

Batman saves Nora

Eventually, Freeze took Nora's inside her container to the Arctic, where they spent a few months of peace. When an unfortunate accident broke Nora's container, Freeze took her back to Gotham City, where he learned that Nora had only 2 weeks to live unless an organ transplant was performed. Freeze kidnapped Barbara Gordon with help from Gregory Belson and attempted to perform the transplant that would kill Barbara, but their plan failed when Batman and Robin showed up. Freeze's hideout collapsed and Nora was taken to safety by Batman, while Freeze was presumed dead. Days later, Nora was finally cured thanks to Wayne Enterprises and the technology created by Freeze himself.


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