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This is background information and production notes of the episode On Leather Wings, from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this was the first episode produced, the first aired episode of the series was "The Cat and the Claw Part I", which premiered just the day before, This is likely due to the success of the movie Batman Returns.
  • Bruce Timm stated that he wanted this series to focus on "mystery, mood, drama as well as super hero action sequences" and that Man-Bat fit into those categories perfectly. In an interview, he said, "Man-Bat was chosen specifically [for the first episode] because he wasn't familiar to very many people outside of comic book fans. Nobody had any preconceived notions about him. It wasn't like the Joker, where you had to deal with people expecting him to be Jack Nicholson or Cesar Romero."
  • The scene where Batman breaks into Phoenix Pharmaceuticals uses the main theme from the 1989 film Batman. The score of that movie was composed by Danny Elfman, who also composed the main theme for Batman: The Animated Series.

Voice Acting[]


"On Leather Wings" has been released on several occasions as part of Home Video sets including: