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Peña Duro

Peña Duro is an infamous prison located in Cuba. It was there where Batman's foe, known only as Bane, was held and eventually became addicted to the drug known as Venom.


Peña Duro was specifically built to hold the most dangerous criminals and most severe enemies of the communist regime, similar to the "supermax" type prisons of other counties. Only those who had received life sentences were remanded to Peña Duro.

It was also where Project Gilgamesh, a scientific project to create super-soldiers with new super-steroids was tested. The only known test subject was Bane, who grew so powerful that he became the only inmate ever to escape the facility. The exact circumstances of his breakout are unknown, though it is revealed that Bane was the only man in possession of the Venom formula. It could be surmised that experimentation on other inmates was halted, or that Bane murdered those who were responsible for the project so it could not be recreated on anyone else and all notes germane to Project Gilgamesh were destroyed.