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Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, was a mafia boss and now the owner of the Iceberg Lounge in The New Batman Adventures.


The Penguin later opened Gotham's hottest nightclub, The Iceberg Lounge. He presented himself as reformed and a businessman, but after hours, he engaged in smuggling and other ruthless professions.

The Penguin soon became overwhelmed about the Joker's new found fortune so he threw him a party at his club, only for it to be overpowered by gunfire by King Barlowe 's right-hand bodyguard. Though Nightwing and Batgirl came in and stopped the gun noise, The Penguin lay in panic.

The Penguin soon found use for Roxy Rocket and had her steal some valuables. After she was putting his operations at risk, he attempted to do away with her. She prevailed and escaped, leading him to order his henchwomen to kill her before she told someone about his empire. As The Penguin was set for bed at his skyscraper suite, Batman came in and asked about the location of Roxy. The Penguin didn't come quietly and shot at Batman with a machine gun. Batman overwhelmed The Penguin and hung him off over his balcony before he gave in.

When he saw three ladies fighting (Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Livewire) at a table in his lounge, he tried to cease the commotion. When Livewire back talked him and called him "Lard Butt", he ordered them out. They rebelled and left his lounge smothered in tree-sized vines and thorns. Soon after, Supergirl and Batgirl interrogated him on were the trio of ladies were while he was overseeing a team of hired arborists cutting through the growth. The Penguin was at first reluctant, but then gave in and told them he had a hunch they were at the old Gotham Zoo. The Penguin was later interrogated by Superman (disguised as Batman) on the whereabouts of the Mad Hatter (for Bruce Wayne went missing after mind control probes were found on his office phone). Only after "Batman" kicked a desk which smashed to pieces and narrowly missed Penguin who was shocked at his uncharacteristic strength did he comply.

After he had a small dealing with Killer Croc and Two-Face who were dissatisfied by their profits at the end of their deal, The Penguin was encountered by The Judge. The Penguin was chased through his design studio. As his henchwomen were tied up, he was alone. He was crushed by a giant penguin prop that the Judge set loose. He survived, but was listed in critical condition at the hospital.



  • The Penguin went through a dramatic change, altering his appearance to have a more normal appearance, resembling his classic comic book appearance and less like the deformed portrayal by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns. This included giving him normal human hands, rather than three-fingered flippers. Additionally, he no longer smokes.