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This is general information about production inconsistences, mistakes and external references related to the episode Perchance to Dream from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

  • Although the entire series is heavily indebted to Film Noir, some of the most explicit references are found in this episode. The climax at the bell-tower is perhaps a nod to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and Batman directly quotes Humphrey Bogart's final paraphrase from The Tempest in The Maltese Falcon in the end. The dreamlike nature of the storyline is very much in common with Film Noir. Interestingly, the climax also resembles the finale of Metropolis and Tim Burton's Batman, in which Michael Keaton's Batman and Jack Nicholson's Joker face off in the spire of a cathedral.
  • The theme and conflict found in the episode are both similar to those faced by Superman in the Alan Moore story For the Man Who Has Everything. In that story, Mongul uses an alien plant to place Superman in a fantasy world where Krypton never exploded.
  • Leslie Thompkins essentially sums up part of the episode: the persona of Bruce Wayne, who has never had to work for what he wants, is jealous of the personality of Batman, "whose every deed has great value". Thus, the two personalities fight each other in the bell-tower for control of Bruce Wayne.
  • The main clue that the Mad Hatter is behind the events of this episode is the fact that his theme plays in this episode's title card.
  • Bruce buys "a flare gun and some flares", probably with the intention to get Batman's attention. However, he never actually uses them.
  • One of the men who "Batman" stops during the jewel heist resembles The Penguin's henchman Jay from "I've Got Batman in My Basement".


  • During the initial car chase, both the crooks' car and the Batmobile drive through the buildings because the background cells and the foreground cells aren't edited together correctly.
  • When Bruce sees Batman for the first time in the dream world, the "Wayne Enterprises" logo can clearly be seen as he rushes to get downstairs. Again, the "W.E" logo on the building is also seen. However, the store the crooks are robbing across the street reads "Alxjyziv" rather than "Jewelery".
  • When Bruce uses his rope to climb the bell tower, the grapple is attached to a gargoyle. However, in the next shot it is attached to the top of the tower, the rope and grapple completely disappear later.
  • When Bruce "wakes up", the robe on the side of his bed is transparent for a few seconds.
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