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Peregrinators Club

The Peregrinators Club

Peregrinators Club was an exclusive lounge for wealthy people located in Gotham City.


When Mayor Hamilton Hill decided to honor James Gordon for his years of service as Gotham City's police commissioner, the Joker saw an opportunity to rid himself of the Gotham City Police Department and the Mayor by planting a bomb at the club. That night, Harley Quinn released a gas from the candles in the room that paralyzed everyone except for her and Charlie Collins, who helped the Joker in his scheme but was left to die in the impending explosion. However, Batman arrived and saved the guests by using the Batline to send the bomb outside the building.

Sometime later, Poison Ivy interrupted one of the club's meetings and mocked the members for having a "men's club". Harley walked in as Ivy was talking and dropped some plants behind everyone's seat. The plants' shell broke and long, wild vines came out which entangled all of the members. With them subdued, Harley and Ivy then looted the club.