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Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley was a botanist who led a secret life as the eco-terrorist Poison Ivy, a known criminal in The New Batman Adventures.


Though each pursued their own area of interest, it was not uncommon for the Ivy and Harley to team up, share a hideout, or rendezvous for the holidays. When Livewire was transferred to Gotham for further psychiatric treatment, a brief and unlikely trio formed. Though they initially subdued the two with certain ease, the combined forces of Batgirl and Supergirl proved too much for the electric charged trio given their lack of coordination, as Livewire's lightning almost burn Ivy's plants, so she stopped to fight to save them.

Ivy and Harley had many other capers, including various robberies, some holiday fun, and occasional turmoil amongst themselves. Throughout this time, however, their relationship nurtured, and it seemed the two fostered a general care for one another. At one point, the men of Gotham disappeared altogether. Ever the opportunists, the two raided the Gotham Police Department Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault, stealing items from various villains including the Penguin, the Joker, and Mr. Freeze. The two fled to the Gotham Monastery, Batgirl and Catwoman (who was the prime suspect in the men's disappearance) attempted to reason with the two, but Harley accidentally discovered the true cause of the male disappearance: a weapon designed by Mr. Freeze.

Renee Montoya and the GPD arrived to arrest the women. Harley and Ivy escaped but were branded accomplices in Catwoman's supposed crime. Gotham went into a hard lock down, but eventually the four women united. Donning a Batgirl outfit, Poison Ivy broke into a warehouse in Gotham's West District. Unmasked, she managed to evade capture long enough for Batgirl to discover the true cause of the disappearances: Dora Smithy. After the mystery was resolved, Harley convinced Catwoman and Poison Ivy to turn themselves in, as they had promised to Batgirl. However, they made no assurances that they'd stay captured, and the three escaped.

Eventually Ivy found herself lacking in funds. In a plan to gain large funds, Ivy created "perfect" mates for rich socialites, who would then kill their spouses and inherit their fortunes. Between her creations was Susan Maguire, who married Bruce Wayne. Although Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon were happy for Bruce, Dick Grayson remained suspicious of Susan, and completely disbelieved that Bruce would be capable of giving up his life as Batman. Due to this, though unknown to her, Bruce nearly gave up his Batman identity until Batgirl and Robin discovered the truth and figured out how to kill her plants creatures. These events later resulted in a fight with Batman and his partners fighting Ivy on a boat which sank into the ocean, as she appears to drown with it.



  • Poison Ivy became more plant-like, with a slight greenish hue to her now-white skin and dark green lips that appeared almost black depending on the lighting. Her hair became less wavy and a darker shade of red, while her new costume became the same green/black as her lips, discarding the original's tights and becoming less leafy.