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Rebecca Fallbrook was the daughter of Sheldon Fallbrook and the girlfriend of Warren Lawford.


Rebecca grew up in a privileged environment, being fortunate to be born into the wealthy Fallbrook family. However, it could not be said that she was completely spoiled as her father made effort to lay down the law with her, especially in regard to fiscal responsibility. Like many young women, she was a shopaholic who had run up $5,000 in credit card debt. Her boyfriend, Warren, opted to retire her credit card debt by cutting a check to be deposited in a joint account she held with her father, as the credit card was under her father's name. Naturally Rebecca was thankful and considered Warren sweet to bail her out but did not know his ulterior motives. As the Fox, Warren and The Terrible Trio robbed Sheldon Fallbrook's house in order to recoup the money he spent on Rebecca. When their burglary awoke Mr. Fallbrook, the trio assaulted him so severely they put him in a coma, and this resulted in his hospitalization. Unaware of any of this, Rebecca was distressed over her father being harmed.

Warren decided to take her out of the city for a spell, so she could relax and get her mind off her father's misfortune. But in the cabin in the mountains, she learned what her boyfriend had done. Warren wanted to silence her, despite early protests from Army and Gunther. But once Rebecca tried to escape, Armand grabbed her, and Warren sedated her with chloroform.

They placed her in the car and pushed her off the road to make it look like an accident. But before the car hit the ground, Batman shot a rope from the Batwing to save Rebecca. She woke up as she was brought to safety by Robin.