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Richard was the stage name of a former circus performer.


Richard was a hunchbacked ringmaster with a fondness of quoting Shakespeare. After many years of the circus life, he retired with the money accumulated and used it to acquire a quiet farm way out in the backcountry that was powered by its own water mill. Richard also invited several other retired circus performers to work and live on his farm, promising they could live in peace and without jeers by people. However, Richard was not without fault, as he misjudged Killer Croc, who played himself as a victimized freak and Batman as a vigilante. Only when it was shown that Croc attempted to brutalize Batman and Croc had been caught with the cash savings of the farm's tenants did Richard realize Croc's true nature by saying "the lizard has shown his true colors". Realizing he had been duped by Croc, Richard then aided Batman by alerting police, who came to his farm and remanded Croc back to jail.

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