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This is background information and production notes of the episode Robin's Reckoning Part I, from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production Notes[]

  • The Grayson parents' deaths, according to producers, was originally far more graphic than what was shown in the episode. They would be shown swinging on the ropes, which would break, and they would fall to the ground as Dick watched from above, traumatized by what he had witnessed. Due to thoughts of scaring children, the scene was changed to show them leaping out of the frame, Dick staring in shock with horrified eyes, the frayed rope swinging back, and the audience gasping as the music came to a climax. In the DVD commentary, Bruce Timm thanked the network censors for giving them a list of what, at the time, he felt were ridiculously restrictive rules for that scene; in retrospect, he felt that it forced them to create a far more effective scene.

Voice Acting[]

  • Ed Gilbert, who was credited for providing Additional voices, voiced Jack Haley and John Grayson, but both performances were left uncredited.
  • Diane Pershing was also credited for Additional voices and also provided the voice of Mary Grayson, which was also left uncredited.
  • Unlike many other animals in the show, the circus elephant Sitka was not voiced by a person.


"Robin's Reckoning Part I" has been released twice as part of the following Home video sets:

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