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This is a transcript of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Robin's Reckoning Part II" from season one, which aired on February 14, 1993. It is divided into dialogue sections for better comprehension.


  • Batman: (Realizing that the Batmobile is being traced.) I told you to sit this one out, Robin.

(Batman disables the signal.)

  • Robin: (Miles away.) You're a real piece of work, Batman. Okay. I'll find Zucco on my own, just like I did before!


  • Dick: (fencing with Bruce) En guarde!
  • Bruce: Try using more control! You're wasting a lot of energy!
  • Dick: Oh yeah?
  • Bruce: See? It's finesse; not strength.
  • Dick: Finesse, huh?
  • Bruce: Hey! Okay, now you're gonna get it! Too slow, huh?
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Forgive the interruption sir, but Liutenant Gordon is here to see you. He asked to meet with you in private.
  • Bruce: Um... why don't you hit the showers, Dick? It's almost time for dinner.
  • Dick: Um... yeah. Sure.


  • Liutenant Gordon: I dropped by to let you know you won't have to keep the kid for much longer.
  • Bruce: Oh.
  • Gordon: We just started putting these up and already we have a few bites. Zucco's been spotted on the lower east side. Off the record, we hear he's trying to skip town.
  • Bruce: How soon?
  • Gordon: It could be tonight! This Batman got Zucco real spooked. Zucco's friends too. Nobody would touch the guy.
  • Bruce: And if Zucco gets away?
  • Gordon: Hmmm... we could lose him for good.

Dick goes searching for Zucco

  • Driver: You sure you wanna get off here?
  • Dick: Yeah. Hey, ever pick up this guy?
  • Driver: Can't says I have. Who is he? Or old man, or somethin'?
  • Dick: Yeah, something.
  • Stranger: Who you lookin' at, boy?
  • Dick: No one!


  • Lennie: Who do you think taught you how to grift, Chi Chi? You don't go skimming money from me!
  • Chi Chi: But I ain't Lenny! Honest!
  • Lennie: Oh yeah? We'll just see about that!
  • Chi Chi: No! Wait! L-look... I can explain...
  • Lennie: You're beyond explanations!
  • Dick: Leave her alone!
  • Lennie: This kid belong to you?
  • Chi Chi: Let go of me!
  • Dick: I said leave her alone!
  • Lennie: You little creep! When I get my hands on you!
  • Chi Chi: Get away kid! Jump! - Come on!
  • Lennie (from inside dumpster): Hey! Let me out! There's roaches in here! Roaches!

At the Diner

  • Chi Chi: So when's the last time you ate, kid? Christmas?
  • Dick: Sorry, but I'm kinda in a rush.
  • Chi Chi: Hey, you can't expect to find this uncle of yours at this hour! This is the only place around that's still open. Right, Berty?
  • Berty: Uh-uh. Hey! I know that dead beat!
  • Dick: You do?
  • Berty: Yeah. He's been here. Always barking orders. Never tippin'. I've seen him come from that building across the bas....
  • Chi Chi: That place's been condemned for years, right?
  • Berty: Yeah. And may it fall on his head, the louse.



  • Dick: Leggo o' me!
  • Zucco: The circus boy! My little material witness! What are you doing here? OW, why you...!
  • Dick: Hey!
  • Zucco: I was just about to leave town because of you! Looks like I'm gonna have a change in travel plans.
  • Batman: Only place you're going is up the river, you scum!
  • Dick: You creep! I hate you! I hate you!
  • Zucco: Get away!
  • Dick: (as the river takes him) HELP!
  • Zucco: So much for the Bat and the brat.
  • Dick: Help... help....
  • Batman: Hang on!
  • Dick: He's gone. He got away. No! You had him! You let him go! You let him! Why! Why did you do it? Why? -(The Batwing Arrives) Where we goin'?
  • Batman: Home.

In the Batcave

  • Dick: Man, oh man! Is this where you live?
  • Batman: This is where I work. You're the first... correction, second person to see it.
  • Dick: Why'd you bring me here?
  • Batman: Because I want to know just how badly you want Tony Zucco.
  • Dick: What do you mean? Who are you?

(Batman removes his mask.)

  • Alfred: I take it Master Dick's visit will now be indefinite?

In the present

  • Robin: You're out there somewhere, Zucco. But you can't hide from me. I've been taught by the best!


  • Radio Host: ...and just a few hours ago, Batman apprehended a suspected extortionist, Ferris Dolan on 210 d. avenue. Mr. Dolan ---- were reportedly sabotaging a construction site at the time of his capture.
  • Robin: Come on, Dolan. You gotta have his address somewhere. (Robin dials Dolan's phone)
  • Zucco: Yeah, who is it? Hello? Hello!? Who's there? Augh! (Hangs the phone) I don't like it. You sure Batman didn't follow you?
  • Mick: Nah, and Dolan's no squealer. You ain't got nothing to worry about!
  • Zucco: Don't tell me what I have to worry about! I'm not back in town five minutes, five minutes, and he's on my tail. You don’t know the Bat. He don't let up. He's a dark angel of death, man, and he wants me.
  • Mick: Why you, boss?
  • Zucco: How should I know? What's that?
  • Thug #1: What's what?
  • Zucco: Sshh! Listen.
  • Thug #2: Sounds like... rats!
  • Zucco: Yeah. Rats.
  • Mick: Boss, calm down, ok? You're starting to worry us.
  • Zucco: Mama... Hahaha. Aww, what's the matter, bats? You twist your knee? Looks like you could use a little protection about now... and protection is my racket! Nine years, creep. Nine years of looking over my shoulder! No more! I'm sending you straight to a bat box. Nooooo! - What are you dead beats standing around here for? Get out there! Now!
  • Mick: Where'd he go?
  • Zucco: Not far! You saw how he was limping! - Spread out!


  • Thug #1: Mick! Mick, he's over here! Get 'im! Get 'im!
  • Zucco: Round and round we go, eh, Bats? Right over!
  • Mick: No boss! Don't! Wait!
  • Thug #1': You can't! You'll hit us!
  • Zucco: Sorry, boys. It pays your money and you takes your chances. (Robin tackles him down, drags him across the pier and disarms him) I don't believe this!
  • Robin: You're through, Zucco. Forever.
  • Zucco: Issat so, birdie boy?
  • Robin: I've waited a long time!
  • Zucco: Keep away from me! - AH! No! Don't! Please...
  • Batman: Robin! Enough. You can't let your emotions get the best of you!
  • Robin: Stuff your advice, Batman! You and your stone-cold heart! You don’t know how I feel. How could you? (Realizing the truth.) Batman, I... I didn't mean it. I’m sorry. (After Zucco is captured) You were right, you know, not bringing me along. You knew I'd take it too personally.
  • Batman: It wasn't that, Robin. It wasn't that at all. Zucco's taken so much, caused you so much pain, I couldn't stand the thought that he might... Take you, too.
  • Robin: Come on, partner. It's been a long night.