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Timothy "Tim" Drake replaced Dick Grayson as Robin.


Tim Drake was the son of criminal Steven "Shifty" Drake, a thug for the crime lord Two-Face. He had very little respect for his father, who was never around during his childhood, and often had to fend for himself. Around the age of 13, Drake began to idolize Gotham City hero Batman and placed newspaper clippings on his wall. After Batman left a batarang behind at a crime scene, Drake found it and began using it himself.

When his father double crossed Two-Face, Drake was left a note and a key to a Gotham City airport locker. This key was discovered by Two-Face's henchmen when they briefly kidnapped the youth. Two-Face flipped his coin, and decided to execute Drake, but Batman had rescued the boy. Soon after, they discovered that Drake's father was killed outside of Gotham. With no place to go, Bruce Wayne adopted Drake and began to mentor him under his tutelage as the second Robin, the same time Dick Grayson rejoined the Bat-family as Nightwing.

Almost immediately, Drake began working in the field as Robin. One of his first acts was helping Batman thwart the Joker's attempt to kill Gothamites with a sonic bomb during a New Year's Eve celebration.

When Mr. Freeze began targeted assorted people in order to destroy people's hope, and went after Wayne's family, Mr. Freeze at first considered freezing Drake, the surrogate son, but ultimately decided to go after Alfred Pennyworth. Drake was left behind to watch over Alfred while Batman and Batgirl went after Mr. Freeze.

When the Scarecrow invented a gas that removed a person's fears, and Batman was turned into a man with a fearless attitude, Robin stopped Batman out of fear his mentor was no longer afraid to kill. As a result, Robin tied up Batman with his grappling hook. The Dark Knight pretended contrition and offered to let Robin lead if he let him go. Robin was nearly fooled, but saw through the façade just in time and left in the Batwing to find Scarecrow's hideout. When Batman nearly killed Scarecrow, Robin freed Batman with the antidote. With Batman back to normal, Robin was given Batman's praise for doing the right thing.

During one night of working solo, Robin came to the aid of a young girl with amnesia, developing a bit of a crush on the girl, calling her "Annie". She later proved to be a lost creation of Clayface in order to scout out Gotham for a return. Unfortunately, the girl had "forgotten" her purpose and continued to run. When Clayface reabsorbed the girl, Robin took her "murder" very hard and almost killed Clayface if it wasn't for Batman stepping in at the nick of time.

After fighting against pick-pockets and thieves, Robin who was getting overwhelmed is saved by Nightwing. He then asks him why he left the Robin mantle as they were the Dynamic Duo. After hearing about his predecessor's last days as Robin, Robin and Nightwing learn about a night watchman at Wayne Enterprises. The two protégés of Batman leave when the Bat-signal comes on in the night sky to join their mentor.