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Sal Valestra
Name: Salvatore Valestra
Alias(es): The Wheezer
Portrayed by: Abe Vigoda
Only Appearance: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Appears in: 1 Movie

Salvatore Valestra was a mob boss operating in Gotham who was powerful before Batman's arrival. He had a gang that consists of mobsters. He is a minor antagonists in the animated series film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.


Prior to the arrival of Batman, Sal ruled Gotham with an iron fist, seemingly having connections in many illegal and legal businesses across Gotham. He worked alongside fellow mobsters Chuckie Sol, Buzz Bronski and Jack Napier. During that time, Carl Beaumont, one of his many business partners failed to payback his loans and thus he paid him a personal visit at his home to collect the money. After threatening him and his daughter, Andrea Beaumont, Carl promises to give the money in 24 hour and Sal agrees, swearing to kill him if he doesn't. Carl left to the Mediterranean and manage to send the money. Sal later realized Carl embezzled a fortune and sent Jack Napier to kill him. The hit was successful due to Arthur Reeves, a filing clerk working for Carl, who gave them his location in exchange for the resources to run for office in the Gotham City Council.

At some point, the four men went their separate ways after the murder of Carl Beaumont, but years later, a vigilante named the Batman came into Gotham and pressured the Sal's business along with Commissioner Gordon. One morning, a now seemingly retired and unwell Salvatore discovered all his old business partners were being killed off by Batman as said in the Gotham Globe newspaper, unaware it was infact Andrea Beaumont as the vigilante the Phantasm, seeking revenge for her father's murder by them all those years ago.

At first he attempted to get Arthur Reeves, now a councilmen, to do something about these killings, claiming he too could be killed but Sal found he was unable to get much help from his old associate in City Council.

After that, Salvatore went to the last person who could help him, the notorious criminal and former hitman Jack Napier, now the Joker who was held up in the now abandoned Gotham World's Fair. He offered the Joker five million dollars to kill Batman but the Joker was not interested. Sal made a big mistake by grabbing the Joker's shirt and getting angry at him. The Joker gleefully assured Sal that he would take care of all his problems and that no harm would come to his old pal Sal. The Joker later killed Sal by using his toxin and used the mob boss's body as bait, his body was destroyed by an explosion meant to kill off the Phantasm.


  • Valestra was mentioned in The New Batman Adventures.
  • Although never stated in the movie directly, it is likely his breathing troubles were caused by his excessive smoking in his younger years.
  • Sal Valestra is played by Abe Vigoda who also played Otto in High School USA!, and Gus Molino in Sugar Hill.