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The Scarecrow was a villain in The New Batman Adventures.


Never Fear[]

More than three years later, the Scarecrow returned in a much more fearsome costume, having developed a gas that did not cause fear, but instead rendered the victim incapable of it altogether. After testing the gas on a few civilians and a disguised Bruce Wayne, the Scarecrow planned to hold Gotham ransom or the city would become chaotic with the absence of fear. Though Batman began ignoring his principles, Robin managed to subdue him and retrieve the antidote, and the two captured the Scarecrow.

Over the Edge[]

Shortly thereafter, the Scarecrow attempted another heist. Though he was once again caught, he managed to spray Batgirl with one of his gases, and she entered a deep sleep and began living her greatest fear: a war between Batman and Commissioner Gordon over her participation and her death in the Dark Knight's mission.