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This is a transcript of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "See No Evil" from season one, which aired on February 24, 1993. It is divided into dialogue sections for better comprehension.


  • Lloyd Ventrix: Kimberly? Kimmy? Kimmy!
  • Kimberly Ventrix: Mojo! You came back!
  • Lloyd: Sure! I said I would, didn't I?
  • Kim: Aha
  • Lloyd: Look what I got for you. (Reveals a golden necklace with a heart-shaped pendant)
  • Kim: Ooh! It's beautiful! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Lloyd: Haha. Your welcome, sweetie! Now, don't worry! I know that what you've really been hoping for is a pearl necklace. Well, I haven't found just the right one, yet. Mojo promises he'll bring you one next time he visits.
  • Kim: Uh...
  • Lloyd: Kimmy, what's wrong?
  • Kim: Next time better be soon, or you might not find us. Mommy says we're moving.
  • Lloyd: Uh! Moving?
  • Kim: Aha. She says things will be better for us someplace else.
  • Helen Ventrix: Kimberly? Who're you talking to?
  • Kim: Nobody mommy, just Mojo.
  • Helen: Oh. I'm sorry I missed him. Would've said hi!
  • Kim: He really was here, mommy.
  • Helen: I know, honey. I know. Now go to sleep, ok?


  • Security Guard 1: Hey! Who locked the bathroom?
  • Merchant 1: A most handsome selection Mr. Wayne.
  • Bruce Wayne: I'll take it. (the watch starts floating away from him) What the devil!?
  • Bystander 1: Holy smokes, look!
  • Bystander 2: Help! Security! I've been robbed!
  • Security Guard 2: Look at that!
  • Security Guard 3: What the heck!?
  • Security Guard 2: Nobody moves until we figure out what's going on here!
  • Security Guard 4: Hey! My piece's been stolen!
  • Security Guard 3: Mine too!
  • Batman: Footseps? -- Who are you? I know you're in here!
  • Lloyd: Cute... real cute! - You were better off blowing smoke, Batman! See! I guess I'm what you call a burnout case. - Too bad about this high ceilings, eh Batman? I mean, all this lousy echoing kinda makes it hard to get a fix on me, doesn't it? Specially since you wouldn't see me... If I was standing right next to you... HAHAHA! - See you around, Batman. Too bad you can't say the same! HAHA!


  • Lloyd: "A better life somewhere else", eh? Where dear old dad, can't find you. That's what she really means. But don't you worry. She's never gonna take you away from me. I won't let her, you hear me!? I won't let her.


  • Helen: Bye, sweetie! Have a nice day! (some time later at her workplace) I'll be back in an hour.
  • Lloyd: Hey, babe! Long time.
  • Helen: Not long enough.
  • Lloyd: They didn't tell you about the parole? - I'm living in Gotham now.
  • Helen: I don't care what you do, as long as you don't do it within one hundred feet of me.
  • Lloyd: The restraining order? You don't need that anymore, Helen. When I was still a bum it made sense, but...
  • Helen: What do you mean "was"?
  • Lloyd: Come on, babe! Look at me!
  • Helen: (after Lloyd attempts to pays her food) And how many all-night gas stations do you have to knock over for that? Keep it.
  • Lloyd: Everything's different now, can't you see that? I can give Kimmy everything she'll ever need!
  • Helen: You stay away from her!
  • Lloyd: Come on, baby. If you could just let her see me!
  • Helen: Keep your hands off me! I told her all about you! She knows you're not supposed to go near her.
  • Lloyd: Helen, please. Cut me some slack here, will ya? I'll give you anything you want!
  • Helen: Want? All I want is for you to disappear!
  • Lloyd: Ok. Ok. But just remember the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for".


  • Scientist: I understand your concern, Mr. Wayne, but I don't think you need to worry that WayneTech is responsible for this "invisible man". After all, no equipment is missing.
  • Bruce: But I seem to remember last year hearing something about an invisibility project.
  • Manager: Oh, you mean that inventor Karos?
  • Lucius Fox: Yeah, I remember him. I wouldn't wanted us to go into business with him developing that plastic.
  • Scientist: Aha. The cloak of invisibility, he called it, right?
  • Bruce: So, what happened?
  • Lucius: Well, we were interested in hearing more Bruce, but Karos withdrew his proposal before we could close the deal!
  • Bruce: Lucius, see if you can locate him. I'd like to talk to him.
  • Scientist: Don't bother. He passed away a couple of months ago.
  • Manager: But I hear that his old assistant, Sam Giddell was trying to carry on his research.


  • Sam Giddell: Okay you, come out of there! I don't know what you think you're doing! -- You?! I didn't know.
  • Batman: Are you Giddell?
  • Sam: What do you want?
  • Batman: Where were you the day before yesterday?
  • Sam: Here! All day! And I can prove it! The building security saw me! You can check!
  • Batman: Working kind of late, aren't you?
  • Sam: I wanted to prep the last of the stuff for disposal.
  • Batman: This is that "invisibility plastic" your boss created?
  • Sam: Mm-hmm
  • Batman: How does it work?
  • Sam: Here, let me show you. It's really quite remarkable. See those filaments embedded in the plastic?
  • Batman: Mm-hmm
  • Sam: Run an electrical current through them and the stuff bends light instead of absorbing it so you can't see it. But in the process the plastic becomes toxic.
  • Batman: I know. I read the report.
  • Sam: I've spent the last two months trying to correct the problem but it's hopeless.
  • Batman: So you were just going to dump it?
  • Sam: Yes, it's too dangerous. Funny thing is, some of it seems to be missing.
  • Batman: Who else would know about this stuff?
  • Sam: Only the other assistant. Actually, he was more like an errand boy - an ex-conn. Name's Ventrix. Lloyd Ventrix.



  • Batman: Mrs. Ventrix? I'm looking for your husband. It's urgent.


  • Kim: Oh, Mojo! It's exactly what I wanted!
  • Lloyd: I'm glad! Now come on. I wanna show you something real special.
  • Kim: (giggles) Where're we going?
  • Mojo: You'll see.


  • Batman: ...and prolongued exposure to the plastic can damage the mind as well as the body.
  • Helen: You say he can make himself invisible? (gasp) Mojo!
  • Batman: Who?
  • Helen: Kimberly! -- Kimberly... Kimberly... Kimberly! Kimmy! -- I thought Mojo was just her imaginary friend. I never thought... What's that?
  • Batman: A tranquilizer dart. How long ago did you see your daughter.
  • Helen: Five minues ago. I put her to bed and... Batman?


  • Lloyd: Here we are!
  • Kim: You want me to get in your car?
  • Lloyd: Now, Kimmy.
  • Kim: But it looks like the car is going by itself. Will we get in trouble?
  • Lloyd: No Kimberly, we won't.
  • Kim: I don't know...
  • Lloyd: I'll tell you what...maybe if I let you see me, you'll feel better. - Hi, Kimberly.
  • Kim: You're a man? I-I gotta go, Mojo... I'm not supposed to be with strangers. Mom told me.
  • Lloyd: But I'm not a stranger Kimberly. I'm your daddy.
  • Kim: My daddy? Get away! Mommy says you're not allowed to come near me! She says you're a bad man. She says that's why they locked you up.
  • Lloyd: Never mind that! You're coming with me whether you want to or not!
  • Batman: Not in this lifetime, pal!
  • Kim: (runs away) Mommy! Mommy! -- (reaches her house) Mommy, Mommy!
  • Helen: Kimberly!


  • Homeless Man:(as Batman speeds past on the roof of the invisible car) I didn't know he could fly, too.
  • Batman: (banging at the side window) Give it up, Ventrix! The suit's toxic! It'll destroy you!
  • Lloyd: Don't hand me that! I'm not feeling any pain... at least not like you're gonna feel!
  • Batman: Ventrix, the suit! It's poison!
  • Ventrix: So what if it is? I don't care! As long as I have it, I can take my daughter back whenever I want. Her mother won't be able to stop me, and neither will you!


  • Ventrix: No!
  • Batman: Peek-a-boo. - Get ready for your biggest disappearing act, Ventrix. The one where no one sees you for 10 to 20.


  • Kim: Me and Mommy are moving, and even if Daddy gets out of jail this time, he'll never find us...
  • Helen: (alarmed) Kimberly? Who are you talking to now?
  • Kim: Just Batman, Mommy.
  • Helen: (relived) Oh... him again.
  • Kim: But he really was here, Mommy!
  • Helen: I know, honey. I know.