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TCTC I 60 - Selina's Apartment

Selina Kyle's apartment

Selina Kyle's apartment is the home of Selina Kyle.


The Cat and the Claw Part I[]

The apartment first appears during Selina's first date with Bruce Wayne when he arrived to pick her up. After her spy mission, which almost let her get killed by Red Claw, Catwoman returns to her apartment where she tells Maven that she has all the evidence they need, not realizing one of Red Claw's men was watching from an adjustment building.

The Cat and the Claw Part II[]

Bruce picks Selina from her apartment for their lunch date. After escaping an assassination on Selina's life, Bruce drops Selina home where she dons her Catwoman costume to confront Red Claw at the Multigon site. After she left, Maven was attacked by one of Red Claw's thugs at the apartment. Before he could harm her, Batman arrives and defeats the thug. He then assures Maven that he won't hurt her and asks her about Catwoman's location to which Maven reveals where she's gone to. Batman tells her that she is not safe here anymore and orders her to leave while he goes after Catwoman. After Red Claw's defeat, Catwoman returns to her apartment to find Maven gone. Batman arrives and explains that Maven left because Red Claw was after them. After expressing their feelings for each other, Batman places Catwoman under arrest, despite his feelings for her.

Cat Scratch Fever[]

After her arrest and release, Selina returns to her apartment where she learns that Maven accidentally left a window opened and Isis escaped. After she was cured from Roland Daggett's virus, Selina mourns for the disappearance of Isis at her apartment. However, Batman found and cured Isis and returns her to a joyful Selina.


After striking a deal with The Ventriloquist and Scarface to steal the Vreeland jewels from the Gotham Museum, Selina returns to her apartment and dons her Catwoman costume. After escaping from the police, Selina returns to her apartment where she was confronted by Batman about the theft.