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This is a transcript of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Shadow of the Bat Part I" from season one, which aired on September 13, 1993. It is divided into dialogue sections for better comprehension.


  • Thug #1: This place gives me the willies!
  • Thug #2: No kiddin'! Why do ge gotta this stuff in the middle of the flippin' night?
  • Rupert Thorne: Maybe you'd prefer moving contraband in broad daylight, when the cops might notice.
  • Thug #1: Jeez boss! You shouldn't sneak up on guys like that!
  • Thorne: Just get this stuff loaded. I never liked this place.
  • Commissioner Gordon: This is the police! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up!
  • Thorne: I can't be seen here! Hold 'em off!
  • Officer #1: That's right, nice and easy.
  • Thug #1: Hey!
  • Thorne: I never liked this place. Ah! - Come on, man! You're not taking Ruper Thorne without a fight! You!?! If I gotta go down, I'll take you with me!
  • Gordon: Careful, Gil.
  • Gil Mason: Don't make this hard on yourself, Thorne! Step out where we can see you!
  • Thorne:Not even if I could, flatfoot!
  • Harvey Bullock: Look!
  • Gordon: Don't you just love it when he gives 'em to you gift wrapped?



  • Summer Gleeson: The Deputy Commissioner, Gil Mason, who last night was instrumental in capturing Rupert Thorne.
  • Anchorman: Mason attributed the incriminating evidence against Thorne to a mysterious informant.
  • Mason: And the Commissioner and I won't rest until every crime kingpin, hustler and two-bit crook is off the streets!
  • Alfred Pennyworth: You'll ruin your eyes changing channels so fast, Master Bruce. Not to mention your attention span. What would think the fall of Rupert Thorne would bring a smile, even to your face.
  • Bruce Wayne: I'd love to know who this mysterious informant is. This is the third gang-lord Mason's brought down in as many months.
  • Alfred: Yes, it's quite alarming. If this continues, you might even be forced to take a vacation.


  • Barbara Gordon: You know dad, if you and Gil keep nailing bad guys like this, people are gonna start thinking you two are Batman and Robin.
  • Gordon: What can I say? Gil is a godsend. And he's not bad looking either.
  • Barbara: Dad! I just got you to stop treating me like a kid and now you're trying to marry me off!
  • Gordon: Hey, don't think I didn't see you two at that fundraiser last week. Thick as thieves, you were. - Mr. Mason! You must be psychic, we were just talking about you! Come in! Come in!
  • Barbara: Hey Gil, what's doing?
  • Gordon: Another tip on a case?
  • Mason: Believe me Jim, I don't wanna be here. But I thought it would be best coming from me.
  • Gordon: What is it, what's wrong?
  • Mason: James Gordon, I have a warrant for your arrest.
  • Gordon: He, this is a joke, right?
  • Barbara: On what charges?
  • Mason: Accepting bribes.
  • Gordon: You can't be serious!
  • Mason: The department has reason to believe that you've been taking money from Rupert Thorne. For years.
  • Barbara: What? Dad's never taken a bribe in his life!
  • Mason: I'm sorry, Barb. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say-
  • Gordon: I know my rights, Gil.
  • Barbara: Dad!
  • Gordon: Don't worry, Barbara. It's all a mistake. You'll see.
  • Reporters: Commissioner, do you have a statement? What about....
  • Mason: I'm sorry, Barbara. I really am.
  • Reporters: Commissioner! Just a statement! What about these corruption charges? Are they true? Please.(more noise) - Ms. Gordon.... (more noise)


  • Bruce: We'll see about this.


  • Barbara: But you're the D.A. Janet, you work with my father. There must be something you can-
  • Janet Van Dorn: The evidence is solid, Barbara. Money deposited to your father's name and laundered accounts. Witnesses who swear they saw him take bribes.
  • Barbara: That's not sufficient cause to deny him bail!
  • Janet: True, but we also found deposit receipts for a South American bank. We have to consider him a flight risk.
  • Barbara: This is crazy! My father would never-
  • Janet: Maybe you don't know your father as well as you think. Maybe none of us do.
  • Bullock: Don't you believe it, kid! Your pa's the best there is! A ........... is puttin' on a rally for him.
  • Barbara: Harvey, that's a wonderful idea.
  • Bullock: Yeah. Wish I could say it was mine.
  • Mason: Just because I have a job to do, doesn't mean I'm not on your side. I'm going to see Jim Gordon gets all the public support we can muster.
  • Bullock: All the top cops will be there, including yours truly. So don't worry your pretty little head. Should be quite a show.
  • Barbara: Yes. And I know someone who'd be a real showstopper... if I can get him.


  • Gordon: I was wondering when you'd get around to me.
  • Batman: I got a look at the evidence. Those deposit receipts were perfect forgeries. Dated months ago. Doesn't look like Thorne's handiwork.
  • Gordon: Then who?
  • Batman: Word on the street is, a new syndicate is moving in. Could be a connection. I'll check it out. Anything you need?
  • Gordon: Yes. Check on Barbara. Keep her out of this.


  • Barbara: But you have to come to the rally! The public respects you! If they see you there, they'll know Dad's innocent!
  • Batman: Sorry, but there's more to this than a simple frame-up. And I'm not gonna find out by appearing in rallies.
  • Barbara: But don't you see--
  • Batman: The best thing you can do for him is to keep out of it. The people behind this are dangerous.
  • Barbara: "I'm a professional. Don't try this at home?" Huh? Sorry Batman, you being at the rally could decide if Dad goes free. So you'll be there, one way or another.



  • Mad Dog: You called me, boss?
  • "Boss": The rally's tomorrow night. Everything's in place. You know what to do.


  • Robin: Will you at least wear a transceiver? I can monitor from here in case they try to-
  • Batman (disguised as Matches Malone): No. Too easy to detect.
  • Robin: Hey, I didn't miss a Bogart festival in film class, just to sit on my butt here while you hit the streets! There has to be something I can do!
  • Malone: Do you make public appearances?


  • Mason: After all Commissioner Gordon has done for Gotham City, the least the city can do for him is grant him bail.
  • Robin: Showtime! Bruce? What in...?
  • Citizens: That's him alright! - Look, it's the Batman! - I knew it! - He knows Gordon's innocent! (more noise)
  • Bullock: Grand standin' psycho!
  • Batman-Barbara: Touchdown! - And the crowd goes wild.
  • Shooters: What the...!?!
  • Robin: Wait! - A girl?? - The lady's with me, gents. - Are you crazy? You're lucky you didn't get killed!
  • Barbara: C'mon, they're getting away!
  • Robin: This is nuts! - Great, she's gone too! Funny, I don't remember a Batgirl in our little club.


  • Summer: All Gotham is talking about the mysterious Batgirl, who foiled an assassination attempt on acting Commissioner Gil Mason.
  • Alfred: Expanding membership in the crime fighting club?
  • Dick: If I find out who she is, I'll... hey-- look at that!
  • Alfred: Mr. Mason ducked before he saw the guns!
  • Dick: Almost as though he expected it.


  • Bullock: Batgirl, sheesh! What's next? Weasel Woman? - Heh heh!
  • Barbara: Gotcha!


  • Barbara: Gil, you know those guys who shot at you? Well, I think I know who one of-
  • Mason: Something wrong, Barbara?
  • Barbara: I didn't know you had company.
  • Mason: Oh, no problem, my friend here was just leaving.
  • Mad Dog: Oh, yeah, gotta run. Listen, see you at the... err... business meeting, Gil. Miss.
  • Mason: So, welcome to my humble abode.
  • Barbara: Uh... I just came over to... to see if you're okay... I was worried about you.
  • Mason: Hey, I appreciate that, I really do. Drink?
  • Barbara: Oh, gee, I'm sorry, I was just on my way to see dad. But I'm sure I'll catch you again.


  • Mad Dog: Yeah, boss, like Batman only a dame! She almost screwed up everything. Nah, don't worry, no one can hear me. - Right boss, I'm heading back right now.


  • Barbara: What am I gonna do? If Gil's involved in this, then there's nobody I can trust. - And if Batman's not around... What do you think Woobie? - Could use a little work, huh?


  • "Boss": It appears we have a prowler. - Who are you? What are you doing here?
  • Malone: Matches Malone. I heard about a new mob. Though I could make some more dough.
  • Two-Face: Is that so? Well, you heard right. In fact, you can double your take on the jobs we're pulling. Assuming I let you live to join my gang. Matches Malone, eh? Never heard of ya. But there's something about you that I don't like. Nothing I can put my finger on, but I trust my hunches. Kinda like a... second sight, you know. Good edge, you live. Bad edge, you don't. Simple, huh?


  • Barbara: So Batman can't help me? Fine. In that case, let's see what Batgirl can do!