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MP 02 - City

Shady Lady Casino.

The Shady Lady Casino was a casino located in Gotham City and operated by mob boss Chuckie Sol.


Several years after Sol had gone his separate ways with Salvatore Valestra's gang, he managed the casino and continued with his criminal activities. One night, he held a meeting in his office with his associates to launder counterfeit money into the casino. To prove it a foolproof plan, Sol invited the goons to inspect the money, one of whom said it looked like authentic American money. Sol boasted that it would take a high-powered electron microscope to discriminate this counterfeit money from the real thing. However, the conspiracy was foiled by Batman, who took out the associates as Sol made a run for it. As he entered the casino's parking garage, he was confronted by the Phantasm, who was there to kill him. Sol tried to run this new vigilante down but ended up crashing into an adjoining building from the casino, killing him on impact. The casino's status following Sol's death is unknown.