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"Well, well. Jonah Hex, his own bad self. Been here five minutes and you ain't killed nobody nor set nothin' on fire. Slippin', ain't you?"

The Sheriff is the law enforcement of Devil's Hole.


When Jonah Hex appeared in Devil's Hole looking for Arcady Duvall, the sheriff appears at the door of the saloon, and says to Hex he's been here for five minutes and hasn't killed anyone nor set anything on fire, and Hex retorts he still feels a little bushed. When the sheriff adds Hex looks a little past bushed, Hex produces his revolver under his coat and tells the sheriff when he gets pushed, he can shoot a fly out from between its wings, and also adds provided the light's right while producing his other revolver, it's a plump fly, which means the sheriff himself.

As two bar patrons flee the saloon, the sheriff tells Hex he hasn't got anything on him yet and reminds him about the wanted posters saying dead or alive. Before leaving the saloon, he tells Hex he might try alive this time, which Hex says "First time for everything", and the sheriff left the saloon.