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Society of Shadows
Society of Shadows
Founder Ra's al Ghul
Leader Ra's al Ghul
Notable members Ubu; Talia; Count Vertigo (former)
Locations Nepal, Sahara Desert
Status Active
Society of Shadows Gallery

The Society of Shadows is an international organization founded centuries ago by the infamous Ra's al Ghul.


In his desire to cleanse the earth of everything that damages the planet, Ra's al Ghul founded the Society of Shadows, an organization that consists of highly trained assassins who are fiercely loyal to Ra's and his cause of Eco-terrorism. They took care of mostly menial work, and often stalled Batman allowing their leader to escape.

Notable Members[]

Society of Shadows

Some of Ra's' assassins.



This group is based on the League of Assassins in Batman comics. According to Bruce Timm, the censors would not allow them to use the word assassin on the show.[1]