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"Spider" Conway was a convicted felon.


Conway worked for several bosses in his career, including Killer Croc and Rupert Thorne. The former went to jail based on his testimony, and he was prepared to sing to the Crime Commission about Thorne too. Two years into his sentence, he brokered a deal with the D.A.'s office; ten years off in return for information. This set bad blood with most of the underworld, and somebody blew up the patrol boat that was to transport him to the hearings. Though the cops resurfaced, Conway never reappeared on the surface.

But it wasn't organized crime that took Spider out. It was Killer Croc, who hoped to incriminate Bullock. He brought Conway to his underground cave, and later also brought in Joey Martin. They managed to escape when Batman showed up and provided them with rebreathers. But on their way out, Batman overtook them again and sent them to the police.

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