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"Spunky" Spencer was an actor who played the character of "Cousin Spunky" in "Love that Baby".


To battle plummeting ratings, Cousin Spunky was added to the cast of Love that Baby in the last season. Furious of being upstaged, Mary Dahl left the show.

When Dahl went after her old co-stars, she left Spunky for last. However, by this time Robin was able to impersonate him and take his place.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Spunky's last name, Spencer, was only revealed in the credits. The actor's real name has not been revealed.
  • Cousin Spunky is based on Cousin Oliver (played by Robbie Rist, who appeared as another co-star in the episode) from The Brady Bunch. Oliver was introduced in the last season of the show because all the Brady children had grown over twelve, and the networks still wanted to appeal to the younger demographics. Cousin Oliver proved so unpopular that he killed the show, and similar situations with other television shows are known as the "Cousin Oliver Syndrome".

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