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Stonegate just after construction.

"If it weren't for Scrap, you two would be feathering your nest at Stonegate Penitentiary!"
The Penguin[src]

Stonegate Penitentiary (also known as Gotham Pentitentiary) is an island prison in Gotham City that neighbours the Gotham River.


Stonegate was part of Gotham's District Attorney, Harvey Dent's, agenda to build a safer and brighter Gotham. It also proved a practical solution to cut down on the cost of transporting criminals to Levitz Prison upstate. Bruce Wayne supported Dent's proposal for the penitentiary's creation and thusly, Wayne Enterprises constructed Stonegate. Funded in part by Wayne Enterprises, both Wayne & Dent broke the ground for the prison on a small island located in Gotham Bay.

Before construction, the land where Stonegate currently sits was abundant with wild flowers. Amongst these was a rare type of rose that was made all but extinct due to the construction. However, one specimen was saved by Dr. Pamela Isley.[1] It was subsequently used for convicted criminals who were declared legally sane.

Known Inmates[]

Poison Ivy was only imprisoned here after her first defeat by Batman. All of her subsequent committals were at Arkham Asylum.

Although most of the time Clayface appears in Arkham Asylum, he would probably be imprisoned in Stonegate for a few of his crimes.

Selina Kyle was also once put on trial for imprisonment in Stonegate.