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Susan Maguire
C 05 - Susan
Affiliation: Poison Ivy
Mother: Poison Ivy
Spouse(s): Bruce Wayne (Ex-Spouse)
Portrayed by: Linda Hamilton
First appearance: Chemistry
Last appearance: Chemistry
Appears in: 1 Episode

Susan Maguire was a plant creature by Poison Ivy who appeared once in The New Batman Adventures


Prior to her first appearance and the episode, Susan was one of Poison Ivy's plant creatures, created specifically to make Bruce Wayne fall in love with her. She was first seen at Veronica's fourth wedding where she was the lucky woman to catch the bouquet as Bruce as the first to grab the bride's garter. After having a small talk during the photo shoot, Veronica revealed Susan to be a friend of her Fourth Husband and later she and Bruce has a slow dance together.

Later Bruce (as Batman) spied on Susan as she is watering her plants as Bruce invited her to his Yacht as he gave her a bouquet of her favorite flowers as he revealed that he asked her to marry him and after dropping her flowers she kissed him and accepted it. A few days later at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Susan hold the reception as Lucius Fox propose a toast to the happy couple. As Bruce get a call from Veronica about Michael, Susan told him to go and see her.

Then during the honeymoon at a cruise, this time with other newlyweds, Bruce went to see Susan at their cabin, as he asked about her and her past before they met be Susan refuse to tell him until he grabbed her and she started to sweat green fluids from her body, which Bruce asked who she is and she responded that she's his wife. Suddenly she sprouted green vines from her feet and began to attack Bruce, revealing herself as one of Poison Ivy's plant creatures and began to toss Bruce around, until she was force to let him go due to the giant vine attacking the cruise ship and him using a lamp to shock her. Susan then tried to stop Bruce but couldn't due him locking her in their cabin.

During Ivy and her plant creatures attempt to leave the cruise so that the plants creatures could inherit their spouse's fortune (thus making it her own) Ivy notice that Susan wasn't with the group and order her plants to find her, only for the others to fight back. Susan was last seen still inside her room as the cruise ship started to sink to the bottom and Bruce took off his ring and threw it in the direction of the sink ship.

Abilities & Equipment[]

Being a plant creature created by Poison Ivy, Susan can release a bit of pheromones that cause Bruce to fall in love with her and can created numerous vines from her body to an offensive move.

Episode Appearance[]