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T-99 is a deadly chemical used in splicing. It was invented by Dr. Emile Dorian and Dr. Kirk Langstrom as a means of splicing human and animal DNA.


Dr. Dorian and Kirk Langstrom invented the T-99 compound at their lab at the Gotham Zoo. When Dr. March and Francine found out about the compound Dorian was fired by the zoo staff and exiled to an island off the coast of Gotham.

On Leather Wings 30 - Kirk Langstrom

Dr. Kirk Langstrom one of the inventors of T-99

TT 14 - Dr

Dr. Emile Dorian mad scientist and co inventor of T-99


On Leather Wings 34 - Transformation

Having injected himself with the T-99 compound Kirk Langstrom transforms into Man-Bat


Kirk Langstrom as Man-Bat

The first time the compound was used was On Leather Wings. Langstrom injected himself with it and stole chemicals to make more. Batman stopped him and injected him with the antidote as a temporary measure to prevent Langstrom from turning into Man-Bat.

On Leather Wings 54 - Batman saves Langstrom

Given his antidote Kirk has returned to normal. Is this the end of Man-Bat? I think not.


Gorilla Garth one of Dorian's henchmen


Tygrus Dorian's creation

TT 15 - Kidnapped

A kidnapped Salina Kyle before her transformation

TT 23 - The Catwoman

With the transformation complete Salina has turned into a living Catwoman

The second time it was used was Tyger, Tyger. Dorian used it to create Gorilla Garth and Tygrus. Dorian's plan was to kidnap Salina Kyle and inject her with the compound turning her into a cat creature. Batman found out and destroyed Dorian's lab with Tygrus' help. Tygrus gave Salina the antidote and Batman took her home and injected her with it returning her to normal.


Dr. Francine Langstrom Kirk's wife who would accidentally be exposed to T-99 though a contaminated sample.

TS 22 - She-Bat

Exposure to T-99 has transformed Francine into She-Bat. Batman and Kirk will need to administer the antidote to end the Man-Bat experiments once and for all.

The final time it was used in the animated series was Terror in the Sky. Francine Kirk's wife accidentally injects herself with the T-99 compound and is transformed into She-Bat. Batman and Kirk make an antidote and plan to inject her with it on board her plane. The plane takes off before Batman and Kirk can administer the antidote and Francine transforms into She-Bat in the restroom and almost destroys the plane by ripping open the side hatch. Batman arrives and puts the flight attendant back inside and closes the hatch but Kirk jumps out of the plane and attempts to stop She-Bat. Francine saves Kirk and Batman injects her as they land on the Gotham Bridge. Batman battles it out with She-Bat until the antidote takes affect but Francine almost falls off the bridge with Kirk saving her this time ending the curse of Man-Bat and splicing for a while.

TS 56 - Francine Recovers

Having been given the antidote by Kirk and Batman Francine returns to normal and the Man-Bat curse is gone for good.

This does not end splicing however. Years later in Batman Beyond Abel Cuvier injected himself and the citizens of Gotham with it and saved the last of the Man-Bat T-99 for Terry McGinnis transforming him into Man-Bat. A retired Batman and Ace stopped the transformation and Terry went on to defeat Cuvier ending splicing in Gotham once and for all.